Our philosophy is built upon five


These five foundations will support the development of a generation of well mannered ambassadors of our faith.

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School Education


Our students will have access to state-of-the-art education infrastructure, supporting them in their school journey.

This school study support will include digital on-demand content, new-age technology assistance and interactive school study support with Mathematics, Science, English and more.


Interactive Tutorial Sessions

Mentor-led grouped learning and reflection sessions



Digital Learning Hub

Bitesize and on-demand videos

Integrated assessment and progress overview


Artificial Intelligence

Personal teaching assistant

Supporting the individual journey of each student

Islamic Education

Islamic Education icon

Our curriculum will provide our students with a grounding in Theology, Fiqh, Qur'an, Seerah, and more.

A holistic curriculum providing an overview of all the important aspects of our Religion, in a digital, bite-sized form factor best equipped to suit the times we live in.


Islamic Syllabus

Covering core Islamic knowledge
(Fardh ul'ayn)

Additional modules in seerah, Islamic history, dealing with modern issues, and more


Digital Learning Hub
w/ Language Accessibility

Bitesize and on-demand videos

Additional languages
(Urdu, Bangla, Arabic, and more)


Reflection Lessons

Teacher-led group
reflection lessons
Alongside students of
knowledge and scholars


Mentorship icon

We aim to influence a generation of well-rounded individuals, excelling in all walks of life.

Our mentor system hopes to provide each of our students with the older sibling they may not have had growing up. This network of mentors, across top UK universities and industries, will provide academic, pastoral, and career support to our students.


Academic and career support

Guidance and support with entrance exams, interview preparations as well as overall career advice.

Webinars by leading professionals and university students.



Opportunities to build relationships with Muslims across the country, forming one community.


Professional Development

Enhancing our students' future work practice and career by providing them with skills, knowledge, and experience.


Upbringing icon

Through the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, alongside focusing on building a community environment, we strive to raise well-mannered ambassadors of our religion.

Knowledge has no value without sound character and conduct. While the former can be memorised overnight, the latter takes years to truly develop; a journey we look forward to taking with our students.


Character Development

Implementing lessons taught about the character of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in daily life.


Conditions of the heart

Developing an understanding on how to navigate emotions and build our emotional intelligence.



Support from the Al-Quds Community.

Social Impact

Social Impact icon

We aim to influence a generation of well-rounded individuals who are able to give back to their communities and help the Ummah.

We hope to instill strong fundamentals, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in our students, as well as the skill set to apply them across many subjects.


Critical Thinking and

Consistently training these intellectual faculties, and building these skill sets


Project Weeks

Opportunities to work in teams, under the mentorship of leading researchers and industry experts, on real-life case study projects.


Community Khidmah

Using everything that's been learnt and developed at Al-Quds Academy, to make a positive difference in our Ummah


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